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NFT Drop for the World’s first Metaverse Cricket Game to be Underway Soon – Here are the Details!

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter around the news of the NFT drop event for the world’s first NFT-based cricket game. We can see a lot of social media posts talking about the information in detail and experts decoding the possible nature of tokens to be provided in the loot. As the time ticks, the venture behind the event released a few masterstroke updates in the space of a few days, which got everyone on their heels. Adding to this, a lot of crypto and NFT bloggers have been expressing their opinions on the upcoming NFT drop, which further hypes up the event as it nears. In this blog, we will see more about the game and its NFT drop in the current discussion and also guide you a little on signing up for the NFT launch.

What is the Game All About?

The world’s first NFT-based cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” is the game we are talking about, and the game’s developers are planning to launch their maiden NFT collectibles through the Super Loot drop. The NFT drop event is set to occur on April 22, 2022, and a live countdown has been running on, the official NFT marketplace platform associated with the game, where the event will occur. All the products mentioned above have been developed by GuardianLink, an NFT applications development firm popular for its NFT security protocols and celebrity NFT marketplace platforms.

What will We have in the Super Loot NFT Drop?

The Super Loot NFT drop would contain various kinds of NFT collectibles, including digital player cards, digital cricket equipment cards, and authenticated original signed physical NFTs from legendary cricket players. Also, we can find information in the NFT marketplace’s website says anyone who purchases NFTs from the Super Loot would get any one of the following combinations of NFTs - “Metaverse cricket team players NFT,” or “Authenticated signed digital NFTs of legends,” along with the metaverse cricket team player NFTs. One can also view the prices of the NFT collectibles on the NFT marketplace platform’s website. Buying one NFT collectible costs $25, while purchasing a set of five NFT collectibles costs $125 and comes with a free treasure box. The Super Loot NFT launch event is set to feature 25,000 NFT collectibles in total, which is a large number in the context of sporting-based metaverse games.

How to Participate in the Super Loot NFT Drop?

For being part of the Super Loot NFT drop, one should register in the NFT marketplace platform as a user. To do so, go to the “Sign Up” tab and carry out the typical account creation process by providing some basic personal information (name, email address, and mobile number) and a strong password to protect your account. After verifying your email address through the steps given in the verification email, you can start going around the NFT marketplace platform as a registered user. But, to be able to purchase an NFT collectible, you should need to fill in the stable coin Tether/USDT in the digital wallet given in the marketplace platform. Note that you need to load in at least 100 Tether/USDT to be able to carry out transactions on the platform. After that, the only thing you could do is to patiently wait for the Super Loot NFT drop event while looking out for the occasional update on the website of the NFT marketplace.

Cricket X NFTs – How would the New Game Change Things?

Cricket has already seen NFTs based on it with a few marketplaces earlier. They monetized the video clips from various cricket tournaments across the globe. Although those ventures had the intention of stepping into the gaming world with NFTs, the Super Loot NFT drop came as a surprise as no one expected a new player to enter the almost uncompetitive blockchain cricket gaming market. With their intentions, the developers made it clear that their mission is to create the first metaverse for cricket, where cricket fans, professional gamers, and NFT enthusiasts can mingle and socialize while playing a fun game of cricket. 

With the current metaverse-based games going in a more social platform-like way and with ecosystems like Axie Infinity thriving without a metaverse, the Meta Cricket League NFT game could prove to be the bridge between sporting games and the metaverse. With that being said, the Super Loot NFT drop event would pave the way for further up-gradation of the metaverse for cricket.

Also, as far as the video gaming industry is concerned, cricket has not been one of their strong revenue generators. Even though the cricket gaming products of some gaming world giants got popular and are cherished by millions even today, the games were victims of piracy that, resulted in a huge revenue loss for the developers. The prospect of play-to-earn (P2E) might answer most of the problem, as players can now get some kind of monetary return for their investments, unlike the older video games. With P2E gaming, players can now earn additional income even when playing the game as a hobby.


Therefore, we can conclude that the upcoming NFT drop event from NFT marketplace has earned enough attention through various means. One should not miss the event, especially if they are enthusiastic about cricket, gaming, and NFTs. Also, the future cricket game for which the NFT items are to be sold is promising, given the opportunity provided to the players through the P2E option. As the NFTs are aimed toward different spectra of people, they can serve multiple purposes, including being in-game items, virtual collectibles, and tradable digital assets. Thus, no one would want to skip the good part of the blockchain gaming world, which is yet to come.